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Road Safety

1st Oct 2019

Article 3

All adults should do what is best for you. When

adults make decisions, they should think about

how their decisions will affect children.

Article 6

You have the right to be alive.

Article 24

You have the right to the best health care possible,

safe water to drink, nutritious food, a

clean and safe environment, and information

to help you stay well.


Cars rarely cause collisions. Roads rarely cause collisions. People cause collisions.


People who drive too fast. People who drive after drinking or taking drugs. People who drive reading and sending text messages. People who handle mobile phones whilst driving. People who drive without due care and attention and those who further endanger themselves by failing to wear their seat belt.

The number of people killed on roads across Ireland has continued on a downward trend in recent years. The determined and collaborative efforts of many individuals have helped deliver this reduction. However, it cannot be understated, one death on the roads is one too many. All deaths on our roads are unacceptable. They are unnecessary. Most of them are avoidable. That is why road safety remains a priority for parents, pupils and staff of St. Clare’s Abbey Primary School.

The boys and girls of St. Clare’s Abbey have a personal message to all road users and it is a very simple one. If everyone slowed down, did not drive after taking drink or drugs, wore a seat belt, put the mobile phone out of reach and drove with more care and attention then the number of deaths and injuries would reduce. Reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries on Ireland’s roads is an achievable objective. But it can only be delivered if we all work together.

Join us!